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Increasing website traffic is the key to SEO your website to the top of search engines. However, it is not easy to attract a large number of visitors to your website. This article shares practical ways to increase website traffic and the most effective webtraffic software.

What is website traffic?

Website traffic is the total number of visits to a website in a specific period of time. This is one of the most important elements that search engines consider to rank websites.

webtraffic software - what is webtraffic

Here are important roles of traffic:

  • Significant and stable traffic directly affects the ranking of the website. The number of traffic is one of the most important factors that search engines use to rank a website. Lots of traffic will help increase your website ranking.
  • A large amount of traffic to your website means your website provides a lot of quality content. More website traffic will help increase your website’s credibility in search engines. Then, there will be more customers interested in the website.
  • The more people visit the website, the more sales opportunities there are. Lots of website traffic also help businesses promote their brand to online users and stimulate customers to shop. Then, you can increase the conversion rate and business revenue.

Popular types of website traffic

Analyzing different types of traffic can help you understand the nature of traffic to the page. Then, you can adjust the strategy to gain your target traffic. These mentioned below are the most popular and important types of traffic that you should pay attention to.

Organic Traffic

This is traffic that comes from organic searches through search engines. After searching, users who click on the non-paid results will be considered Organic Traffic. It is not easy to increase organic traffic. The website needs to provide good answers to the questions that users are searching for. Therefore, website owners need to create qualified articles with appropriate keywords.

Webtraffic software - organic traffic

High website traffic is a sign that proves your website is growing. However, if you do not attract the right customers, this traffic will not bring value to your business. Users only search when they have a demand for products, services, or information that helps them solve a problem. Thus, if your content is optimized according to the standards of search engines, the chances of reaching the right group of potential customers become higher. Then, you can increase the conversion rate. This is the reason why organic traffic is really important.

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is the amount of traffic through referrals from other websites, not search engines. The more links to your site appear on popular sources, the more people know about it. For example, you can increase your referral traffic by leaving a link to your website in a forum you participate in. Many members of this forum will know about your website.

Referral traffic can help increase your website’s rankings. These backlinks can be added to articles, comments, topic discussions, user signatures, emails, etc. If you can create a lot of quality backlinks, your website can appear on the first page of search results.

Note: Increase the number of backlinks to your website instead of constantly spamming links. Otherwise, you will soon suffer a penalty from the search engines.

Paid Traffic

Your website can be placed in the priority position on search results if you pay to search engine owner for advertisements. The traffic from these advertisements is paid traffic. The traffic from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are popular paid traffic.webtraffic software - paid traffic

Paid traffic is a good way to increase the conversion rate of your business. This is because customers who search for information of products or services are target customers. They are interested in and tend to buy the products soon.


Paid traffic is the fastest way to get traffic. You do not need to spend too much time researching and analyzing keywords and techniques to attract free traffic. You will save lots of time because you do not have to create too much content, backlinks, etc. Moreover, you can get traffic quickly instead of waiting for a long time as other types of traffics. That is the reason why paid traffic is a good choice if you want to reach the traffic KPI in a short time.

Social Traffic

This is traffic through social networking sites. It includes users through links to your website on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. With the development of social networks, this is an abundant and quality source of traffic with a high conversion rate. The best way to get organic social traffic is to set up forums/communities that are suitable for your business. Then, you can gather people with similar interests related to your products or services.

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With the rapid development of social networking, social traffic plays an essential role in SEO strategy. The more community you can create, the more website traffic you can get. Then, more target customers will consider your product or service as one choice when they make orders.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic comes from users actively visiting your website without going through other websites. To be more specific, these mentioned visits below will be counted as direct traffic:

  • Traffic from users who type the URL directly in the address bar
  • Clicks on links from previously saved bookmarks
  • Clicks on a website link in the Microsoft documents or PDF files
  • Visits a website link in the email or the footer of the email
  • Traffic from users who access the website from a shortened URL
  • Clicks from page redirects, including from http to https
  • Traffic that is counted when the user reloads the homepage

webtraffic software - direct traffic

Direct Traffic is one of the most important elements that Google Analytics considers to values a website. The number of direct visits to the site also gives us an overview of the SEO results.  Moreover, direct traffic also shows the popularity of a website as well as reflects the trust of readers to the website. Therefore, you should give appropriate attention and investment to direct traffic.

How to increase traffic for your website

Keyword optimization

Analyzing and optimizing the keyword system play an important role in a successful SEO strategy. Keyword affects most of the other factors that help increase website traffic.

There are several questions that you need to answer to analyze the keyword system:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • How will they search for keywords when they want to find products/services like yours?
  • Which topic do you want to write about?
  • How often do you want to post articles?

webtraffic software - keywordThen, you need to find out and make a list of keywords that you want to create content and SEO. There are many tools to help you find keywords related to your niche such as Keyword Finder, Google’s Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc. By finding keywords frequently on these tools and evaluating the difficulty of each keyword, you will have more experience in finding SEO keywords that best serve your customers’ search needs.

Moreover, you should choose keywords flexibly. Do not focus on short popular only because  many other websites use them. To make it easier to compete and get a higher ranking, you should choose niche keywords or specific, longtail keywords.

You should create a specific plan of keywords from the beginning to avoid repetition of keywords. Then, you optimize keywords for the title (Title tag), description (Description tag), and article content.

Make sure the keywords that you are going to SEO will be what your customers look for. Then, you can attract more visitors to your website to increase traffic.

Focus on quality of content

Content is the key to high-traffic websites. Web content can be in the form of text, images, videos, audio, etc. to increase users’ interest. The content that you post must relate to your business field and be useful for visitors. Helpful content provides more information and helps readers solve their problems. Then, they will stay on your website for a long time, trust your company and purchase your products. Attractive content will keep visitors coming back to your website again. Then, your website can get stable traffic.

webtraffic software - content

Thousands of content are created per day. Posting too few articles will make your website less competitive.  Therefore, you should post articles frequently to compete with the other websites in your business area. You can look for viral content and trends in your business to create more creative content.

Also, you need to create fresh content instead of copying it from other sites. Search engines do not appreciate duplicate content. Therefore, make sure you create content by yourself, not duplicates or copies. Creating fresh content will help your website become more valuable. Original web content is preferred and higher ranked by search engines, then you can get more website traffic.

In general, providing frequent content that accurately answers users’ questions on search engines is an effective way to increase website traffic.

Extend the social networking of referral links

Social networking sites are effective channels for increasing website traffic. To build an effective social system, you need to research and select the social sites which are suitable for your business field. When you publish content on your website, you can share it on social media sites. When customers follow you on social networking, they can click on the link you share to explore more helpful information. Then, you can increase traffic for your website.

webtraffic software - social network

Remember to post and engage with other users on a regular basis. This will bring significant benefits to your business. In other words, you are building communities where many members are interested in your business area. When you share useful articles from your website on these social accounts, more target customers can consider your website as a referral source. These members can visit your website and purchase your products. This is a really good way to show off your expertise and promote your brand.

A tip for creating and distributing content on social media effectively is using hashtags to make your posts easy to find. Moreover, do not forget to add visual elements with videos and images. The more attractive the social shared posts are, the more traffic you can get for your website.

Advertising campaigns on search engines

Paying for advertisements on search engines or social networking is a very effective source of traffic for the website. However, running Google Ads or Facebook Ads effectively requires profound knowledge and experience. You should study paid traffic carefully before performing an advertising campaign on search engines. You can lose money but the number of customers will not increase if you do not know how to optimize them. There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You need to choose the right client object file to run and split the ad into multiple sets to run and save only the ones that work well. Remember to evaluate running performance after a certain time to optimize ads.

webtraffic software - ad campaign
If your ad is effective, and you include your website link in that ad, then the traffic to your website will also increase proportionally.

Mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is a website that can adjust itself to the screen size of the device.

The mobile-friendly interface helps enhance the user experience when they visit your website by mobile phone. The fact shows that mobile traffic accounts for more than half of web traffic. If visitors have bad mobile experiences, they will not come back. Then, your website loses a lot of potential traffic. A mobile-friendly website also usually ranks higher on mobile search results. Therefore, make sure your website displays well on mobile.

webtraffic software - mobile friendly

You can see that there are many ways for you to increase website traffic. However, these methods require profound knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it will take lots of time to increase bulk traffic. In this case, you can use webtraffic software to save time and cost.

Top webtraffic software

These mentioned below are the most popular and effective webtraffic software. They can help increase not only the quantity but also the quality of traffic.

Social network traffic bot – Webtraffic software

Social network traffic bot helps you increase traffic by clicking on the shared website links on social networks. In general, this webtraffic software will visit the posts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. then click on website links that are shared on that post. Moreover, you can adjust the time reading your website articles. Traffics from different sources by social network traffic bot can increase the quality of your web traffic. The bot can manage unlimited links and is easy to set up.

Backlink traffic bot – Webtraffic software

Backlink traffic bot can increase website traffic from backlinks automatically. The Backlink traffic software can use residential rotating proxy login multiple accounts with different IPs simultaneously. This webtraffic software can save cookies automatically to increase the quality of traffic. It can help you save a lot of time when you want to increase traffic from backlinks. Also, you can customize the time that you want the software visit your website.

Seoqniclick – Webtraffic software

Seoniclick is the best webtraffic software that you can use to increase Google search traffic automatically. It is highly recommended by many marketers. The bot can login bulk Gmail accounts to click your website link. Moreover, it simulates real users’ activities during the visiting time. You can use proxy and run many threads simultaneously.

You can rent safe and cheap proxy from this website

Qniseopro – Webtraffic software

Qniseopro is an effective SEO keywords tool that can help increase the ranking of your website on search engines. This webtraffic software can increase web traffic automatically without logging into Gmail accounts. Furthermore, it can run with residential rotating proxies to visit websites on different IPs to help you can avoid Google inspection.

Tubetrafficpro – Webtraffic software

TubeTrafficpro is one of the top website traffic bot  for many marketers. This webtraffic software can login many accounts on different IPs simultaneously. Next, the software will watch a Youtube video then click the link posted in the description box. You can customize the range of time that the bot watches videos as well as viewing time on your websites.


There are many ways to increase website traffic, using webtraffic software will the fastest and cheapest method to gain the target amount of website traffic.

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