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Instagram attracts millions of users per day with many features that can edit and increase the quality of photos and videos. Thus, Instagram is a good platform for marketing or making money online. An Instagram accounts creator bot will help you save time and cost in earning money on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social network where you can share high-quality photos and videos. It is free for users to create an Instagram account, share photos and videos, or comment on their friends’ posts.

Instagram can be used on most operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Also, Instagram does not claim ownership of images published through its app, including images, content, videos, audio clips, etc.

Note: Users of Instagram must be more than 13 years old.

Outstanding Features of Instagram that you may not know – Instagram Accounts Creator Bot

Instagram Stories

This standout feature was added to Instagram in 2016. Stories will appear as small circles at the top of your followers’ feeds and disappear after 24 hours. This feature helped Instagram becomes more popular because short-time appearance makes the story more attractive.

Instagram Accounts Creator Bot - Instagram Story

Instagram stories are useful for showcasing new products, promotions, etc. A great way to encourage more people to follow you on Instagram is to offer promotions and giveaways only for those who see the story.

Story Highlight

Stories are a standout feature of Instagram, but they disappear after 24 hours. So Instagram created the Story Highlight feature to keep some of its users’ best stories for them to use later. This allows you to save your best stories and keep them in your account for as long as you want.

Normally, Instagram will save Story Highlights at the top of your profile page. This position is easy for anyone who visits your Instagram profile to see them. There are different ways to use this feature for business purposes. You need to save your best-performing stories so you can keep motivating people to see them and take the action you want visitors to take.

Instagram offline mode

You can use Instagram app in offline mode in case you run Instagram on the Android operating system. This feature is already available to you if you are on a device running Android 7.0 Nougat.

Instagram Accounts Creator Bot - Offline mode

When you use Instagram in offline mode, you can take photos and edit them. Then, Instagram will automatically upload these photos you go online.

Instagram Live

Businesses and marketers took advantage of this outstanding Instagram feature to promote their products. They can offer promotions, discounts or giveaways during their live broadcast on Instagram.

Instagram Accounts Creator Bot - Instagram Live

Instagram Live is also great for lead generation. You can ask your followers to submit their questions about any topic that you will discuss before going live. Your followers will like you for mentioning them during the live. Real-time interaction via Instagram Live is a great way for promoting your brand.

Face filters

Face Filter feature of Instagram can improve the quality of your photos. The filter will make your photos more beautiful and attractive. To be more specific, the filter reduces light reflection, increases the saturation and contrast of photos. It can completely eliminate dust and other mistakes when you take photos. Face Filter is one of the most favorable features of Instagram.Instagram Accounts Creator Bot - Face Filter

Instagram Shopping

In case your business totally focuses on selling products, Instagram Shopping is a perfect choice. Instagram constantly unveils innovative e-commerce features and new ways to support businesses on the app. Businesses can tag products in story posts, as well as set up an Instagram Shop tab on their profile to showcase available products.

How to create an Instagram account? – Instagram Accounts Creator Bot

With various helpful features mentioned above, Instagram attracts lots of new users every day. Now, we will instruct you to create an Instagram account in detail.

Step 1. Visit, you will see the interface of Instagram website => click on Sign Up

Instagram Accounts Creator Bot - Sign up

Step 2. There are 2 options for you to choose

Option 1. Create Instagram accounts by logging into Facebook accounts

In case you have a Facebook account and want to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account, you can select Log in with Facebook

Instagram Accounts Creator Tool - Login with Facebook

Next, Log in your Facebook account

Instagram Accounts Creator - Login Facebook

Then, click on Continue as (your Facebook username)

Instagram Accounts Creator Tool

Next, you will see a notice from Instagram to set up the connection between your Facebook account with your Instagram account => click on Yes, finish set up

Instagram Accounts Creator Tool - Login with Facebook - Set up

Then, enter the username and password of Instagram account that you want to create. Finally, click Sign up

Instagram Accounts Creator Tool - Sign up

Option 2. Create Instagram accounts with Mobile Numbers or Emails

Firstly, you fill in all sections, including Mobile Number or EmailFull NameUsername, and Password => click Sign up

InstagramCreator Tool - Sign up

Next, you select your date of birth => click Next

InstagramCreator Tool - Date of birth

Then, Instagram will send a code to the Phone Number or Email that you entered => take the code received to enter it into the section as shown => click Next => your Instagram account will be created.

InstagramCreator Tool - Confirm code

Step 3. You can click on Profile as the photo shown to edit the profile of your Instagram account

InstagramCreator Bot

It is clear that there are many steps that you need to finish when you create an Instagram account. Thus, it will take lots of time and effort if you need a large number of accounts to make money on Instagram. In this case, an Instagram accounts creator bot will be the best choice.

InstagramCreator Tool – The best Instagram Accounts Creator Bot

InstagramCreator Tool can help users create bulk Instagram accounts automatically with different IPs to avoid being marked as spam accounts from Instagram. It can run multiple threads simultaneously in order to help you speed up the quantity of created accounts at the same time.

Also, you can create Instagram accounts with various sources (Gmail accounts, Phone number, or Temporary mail).

In addition, this InstagramCreator software can auto-save cookies and profiles for all accounts which had been created. You can export the result file in different formats (.txt, .csv).


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InstagramCreator Bot

If you need to create bulk Instagram accounts automatically in the most effective way, use an InstagramCreator Tool.

We hope this article will be helpful for you.

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